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West Bar's has gained a reputation for its traditional yet creative cuisine. We have always strived for the best delivery service and we cordially invite you to come and give us a try. There are plenty of specials available for delivery or collection that will satisfy your hunger. West Bar's, serving the most delicious food with the freshest vegetables and meat!

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59 West Bars
Chesterfield, S401BA

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West Bar's Customer Reviews

162 reviews


  • [RESUBMITTED]Soggy fish batter stuck to paper, burnt chips and garlic bread with cheese, only just warm too! Absolutely horrible! Best place for it was the bin! Cheese on toast for me and my hungry grandchildren


  • 3hr wait for the food, what a disappointment after being told it was 40 minutes. it actually ruins the night, and the doors hasn’t even arrived yet. I would advise nobody use this place!!


  • pizza was burnt chips were over cooked normally food is good but i wont use them again


  • The food was bland, tasteless and greasy. Overpriced rubbish. The thing that really clinched it for me to never order from them again though was the delivery guy; he rang the doorbell and then actually tried the door handle, fortunately it was locked! I even asked why he was trying my door. I will stick with what I know next time and go back to village fryer, best chippy in town.


  • [RESUBMITTED]Food was tasty but only luke warm


  • lovely food excellent quality fast service will order again


  • The chicken nuggets weren't very nice


  • My partner that same evening, started being sick everywhere after having pizza.


  • Best chippy in Chesterfield


  • Lamb burger is just Donner meat in a bun, menu mentioned salad with the burgers but neither came with salad, so the vegetarian burger was just pineapple and olives - who would want that?


  • well the pizza's were good and tasty, however the strawberry cheesecake was frozen!! offered to send a defrosted one when I next order, that's if I do


  • Chicken kebab meat soggy. At the bottom of my tray was a pool full of just grease. :( Absolutely terrible. Couldn't eat it. The dinner meat was a bit better. Lacked flavoured, and tasted bland. The jalapeno bites however were amazing, and I mean amazing!!! Full of flavour and melted in your mouth. The chips. Over done in what tasted like old oil. Overall it wasn't a pleasant meal I'm afraid. And we won't be back. Sorry.


  • Came an hour later than ordered, food wasn't great..


  • Fish over cooked never received free bottle on pop sorry but normally really good but not this time will not be returning


  • Beautiful meal really nice